Language Requirements

Language Requirements

CEMS candidates must be proficient in three languages when exiting the CEMS MIM programme, ensuring the students' ability to live and work in different environments.

  • Levels of Language Proficiency

    Levels of Language Proficiency

    When graduating from the CEMS MIM programme you must have achieved the following levels of language proficiency:

    •  Excellent oral and written skills in the first foreign language (C1/C2)


    • For non-native English speakers:
      • Good oral and written skills in the second foreign language, minimum 5 ECTS or 60 contact hours from an approved exam or institute if at level A1, A2 or B1.
    • For native English speakers:
      • Good oral skills in the second foreign language (B1)

    The Common European Framework is the reference for comparing language proficiency in all European languages. 

  • Language Combinations

    Language Combinations

    • Mother tongue or first foreign language must be English.
    • The second foreign language can be any language
    • Certain combinations of similar languages will not be allowed to fulfil the requirements (e.g. Danish/Swedish/Norwegian, Danish/Faroese, Czech/Slovak, Catalan/Spanish, Galician/Spanish, German/Luxembourgisher, Russian/Kazak, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/Montenegrin/Slovenian, Ukrainian/Belarusian/Russian or Afrikaans/Dutch/Flemish/Frisian).

    For more details regarding languages, please see the language graduation requirements.