Ellen Marthinsen Kulset

Associate Professor Ellen Marthinsen Kulset

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Accounting, Auditing and Law
Audit Methodology Audit Regulation Audit Education Audit Quality Applied Statistics


Ellen Kulset has been in her part-time position as associate professor in auditing at NHH since 2013. She holds a master degree in accounting/auditing (MRR) from NHH, is a «Siviløkonom» from NHH (specialization: finance and economics), and she received her PhD degree in Business Economics  from NHH in 2013. She also works part-time at HBV with responsibility for their teaching in the audit discipline.  Ellen has previously worked as an audit manager with KPMG Oslo (Finance Department) and is a State Authorised Public Accountant

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
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Svanstrøm, Tobias; Stenheim, Tonny; Kulset, Ellen Hiorth Marthinsen KAM Disclosure in the Auditor’s Report – A Literature Review Finansiell og ikke-finansiell rapportering Festskrift til Hans Robert Schwencke; page 357 - 400; 2020
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