Anna Gold

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Gold, Anna; Detzen, Dominic; van Mourik, Oscar; Wallage, Philip; Wright, Arnold Walking the Talk? Managing Errors in the Audit Profession* Contemporary Accounting Research Volume 39 (4); page 2696 - 2729; 2022
Zengin-Karaibrahimoglu, Yasemin; Emanuels, Jim; Gold, Anna; Wallage, Philip Audit committee strength and auditors' risk assessments: The moderating role of CEO narcissism International Journal of Auditing Volume 25 (3); page 661 - 674; 2021
Gold, Anna; Heilmann, Melina; Pott, Christiane; Rematzki, Johanna Do key audit matters impact financial reporting behavior? International Journal of Auditing Volume 24 (2); page 232 - 244; 2020
Gold, Anna The consequences of disclosing key audit matters (KAMs): A review of the academic literature. Maandblad voor Accountancy en Bedrijfseconomie Volume 93 (1); page 5 - 14; 2019
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