Anatoli Bourmistrov

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Slettli, Viktoriia Konovalenko; Bourmistrov, Anatoli; Grønhaug, Kjell Constructing accountability for intellectual capital in accountability settings: coupling of spaces and logics Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management Volume 16 (2); page 99 - 112; 2018
Aleksandrov, Evgenii; Bourmistrov, Anatoli; Grossi, Giuseppe Participatory budgeting as a form of dialogic accounting in Russia: actors’ institutional work and reflexivity trap Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal Volume 31 (4); page 1098 - 1123; 2018
Bourmistrov, Anatoli; Helle, Grete; Kaarbøe, Katarina Kreativ tenkning eller intelligent maskin? Bruk av scenarioer i ulike bransjer i Norge Praktisk økonomi & finans Volume 33 (1); page 69 - 85; 2017
Bourmistrov, Anatoli Mental models and cognitive discomfort: Why do users reject even a small change in a financial accounting report Pacific Accounting Review Volume 29 (4); page 490 - 511; 2017
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