Anatoli Bourmistrov

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Bourmistrov, Anatoli; Åmo, Bjørn Willy Creativity, proactivity, and foresight Technological Forecasting and Social Change Volume 174; 2022
Iermolenko, Olga; Aleksandrov, Evgenii; Nazarova, Nadezda; Bourmistrov, Anatoli The “Bermuda triangle” of academic writing The International Journal of Management Education Volume 19 (2); page 1 - 11; 2021
Øverland, Indra; Bourmistrov, Anatoli; Dale, Brigt; Irlbacher-Fox, Stephanie; Juraev, Javlon; Podgaiskii, Eduard; Stammler, Florian; Tsani, Stella; Vakulchuk, Roman; Wilson, Emma C. The Arctic Environmental Responsibility Index: A method to rank heterogenous extractive industry companies for governance purposes Business Strategy and the Environment (BSE) Volume 30; page 1623 - 1643; 2021
Aleksandrov, Evgenii; Khodachek, Igor; Bourmistrov, Anatoli Performance budgeting across government levels in Russia: from dialogic aspirations to monologic implementation Public Sector Reform and Performance Management in Developed Economies: Outcomes-Based Approaches in Practice; 2021
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