Fund the losing project carbon capture - now

Photo: Pexels/NHH

21 April 2020 12:14

Fund the losing project carbon capture - now

Gunnar S. Eskeland: Everything that can be sped up now, is of great value. We are going to spend enormous amounts of money, and investments in carbon capture will not be in vain. The upside is high.

In order to make it possible to force an industrial change politically, carbon capture needs to be demonstrated in practice. It may be hard to demand something that one has not seen. A country with fossil fuel will, in particular, benefit from solutions that allow fossil fuel, Gunnar S. Eskeland writes.

His feature article Finansier tapsprosjektet karbonfangst – nå (in Norwegian) was published in Dagens Næringsliv on 20 April, 2020.