Doing something about the climate crisis

Photo: Wikimedia

25 February 2020 12:33

Doing something about the climate crisis

Everyone is talking about the climate crisis. Bergens Tidende presents six researchers who are actually doing something about it. Yewen Gu is one of them.

How to minimise the pollution from the world's ships is the big question, as well as the headline, in the presentation of Yewen's research.

Yewen writes about his work on economic models for shipping, a global industry with enormous emissions. And it is all about minimising costs and maximising profits.

But when cuts in the emissions of greenhouse gases are implemented in these models, it turns out that local emission charges and quotas may, in fact, have the opposite effect globally.

- The goal of our work is to make politicians able to understand the consequences of regulations of shipping, Yewen writes. 

The six researchers were presented in Bergens Tidende on 22.02.2020, in Norwegian, under the (front page) headline Alle snakkar om klimakrisa. Dette er forskarar som gjer noko med den. It is also available online (behind paywall).