Top publication by Kvamsdal and Sandal

21 August 2019 13:25

Top publication by Kvamsdal and Sandal

The article "Bioeconomic modeling of seasonal fisheries" has been published in European Journal of Operational Research.

European Journal of Operational Research is on level 4 in the ABS Academic Journal Guide.

Kvamsdal, Sturla F., Jose M. Maroto, Manuel Moran, and Leif K. Sandal: Bioeconomic modeling of seasonal fisheries, European Journal of Operational Research, Online 21.08.2019.


Seasonality or periodicity – biological, environmental, or economic – are fundamental properties of most marine fisheries. We propose a generic infinite horizon discrete time fisheries management model by modifying existing models and frameworks of analysis to reflect seasonal variation or more general multiperiodicity in parameters, variables, or functional forms.

Our model captures such variations via repeated cycles of multiple intervals with differing characteristics. The framework offers a simple and intuitive set up of arbitrary periodicity and seasonality in any feature, which significantly increases model realism.

Further, it distances itself from continuous time modeling approaches where uniqueness and solvability of periodic models generally is difficult to assert. In our setting, the governing equations for the time-dependent value function of the management optimization problem are shown to be equivalent to a high-dimensional contraction and hence ensure uniqueness and a feasible solution algorithm.

We illustrate our approach using a simple example to demonstrate that accounting for seasonality in fisheries management can improve outcomes considerably. Our framework also provides for analysis of seasonal regulatory measures. Ultimately, our approach applies to renewable resource management more generally and to many infinite-horizon, discrete time optimization problems with periodic features.