Strategy, Organization and Innovation

MAB4 Strategy, Organization and Innovation

Spring 2024

Autumn 2024
  • Topics

    MAB4 delves into the intricate relationship between innovation, technology-related changes, and their impact on value creation and capture at both market- and firm level. Central to the course is the exploration of technology-related innovation, viewed both as a catalyst for disruptive environmental shifts and as a pivotal element in forging competitive advantage.

    Core Focus and Questions:

    The course pivots around three main questions:

    1. Analyze: How can we understand the effects of technology-related changes on businesses and markets?
    2. Strategize: What are the best practices for crafting strategic decisions that seize opportunities and counteract threats?
    3. Organize: In the face of evolving technology and strategies, how should economic activities be optimally organized?

    Pedagogical Approach:

    MAB4 adopts a problem-based, student-centric pedagogy, prioritizing the practical application of theoretical concepts through case studies and interactive discussions.

    Detailed Course Outline:

    1. Analyze: Understanding the impact of technology- and innovation related change

      • Focus: Grasping the implications of tech-related changes at market and firm levels.
      • Approach: Employ strategic analysis to explore variations in value creation and capture.
      • Special Emphasis: Going beyond traditional competitive strategy, we also delve deeper into topics like disruption, complementarities, ecosystems, and strategic alliances.
    2. Strategize: Decision Making and Innovation

      • Focus: Crafting strategic decisions and innovative business models to leverage opportunities and mitigate risks.
      • Approach: Integrating strategic analysis with creativity and innovation to develop effective strategies and business models.
      • Unique Perspective: A deeper exploration of the role of innovation and creativity in strategic formulation, setting this module apart from conventional strategy courses. We also critically assess and discuss the ethical implications of technology strategies and their impact on sustainability and society.
    3. Organize: Aligning Strategy and Structure

      • Focus: Aligning organizational activities with emerging strategies and technological changes.
      • Approach: Examining various organizational structures, alliances, and innovative models like open innovation, ecosystems, and platforms.
      • Key Discussion Points: How to foster engagement, support, and ownership for new strategies and business models, with a look into ambidextrous organizations and effective decision-making processes.

    MAB4, positioned in the final semester, builds upon previous coursework, assuming foundational knowledge in technology change, life cycles, and innovation patterns. This course promises a comprehensive understanding of strategic adaptation in the face of technological advancements, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities in the dynamic business landscape.


ECTS Credits

Spring. Will be offered Spring 2027.