Programming and Application Design

TECH5 Programming and Application Design

Autumn 2024

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    TECH5 provides an intermediate understanding of how programming and application design can be applied to solve real-world business challenges. Programming is vital for businesses as it enables automation, custom solutions, data analysis, web and mobile presence, innovation, integration, and scalability. By harnessing programming skills, businesses can optimize their processes, make informed decisions, and drive growth in today's technology-driven landscape. TECH5 builds upon the programming basics covered in TECH2, and the statistics and mathematics principles covered in TECH3, and TECH4. It also relates to some of the data analysis topics discussed in TECH6.

    Business leaders need to be proficient in programming basics to effectively lead and manage developer teams in tech companies. In TECH5, we therefore ask the following questions:

    • How to use programming methods to organize code and facilitate collaboration?
    • What advanced programming techniques can be applied to achieve deployment-ready applications?
    • How to use AI tools to support programming and application development?
    • What methods of programming can be employed to automate workflows and streamline operations?
    • How to use dashboards to systematically organize and analyze data?

    In a student-centric learning environment, by developing their own applications, students gain first-hand experience of how programming can empower businesses to formulate data-driven strategies, enhance operational efficiency, and discover new business opportunities. 

    TECH5 is organized in three modules:

    • Module 1: Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) (1/3)
    • Module 2: Fundamentals of SQL for application development (1/3)
    • Module 3: From idea to deployment (1/3)

    The third module will develop around the modern principles of DevOps, which is a methodology to bridge Development and Operations to allow fast development and delivery of software. Within this framework the purpose is to speed up the process of going from an idea to implementation and finally to deployment, without compromising reliability. We will cover the main concepts associated with the methodology with a hands-on approach to gain proficiency in the methods and tools necessary for a successful implementation.

    Students will be exposed to the questions above in a "hackathon" style to have a hands-on experience in the application of the programming and development fundamentals and principles. They must develop their own programs and applications to solve business-relevant problems. In a hackathon, participants are presented with a challenge, and they must engineer a solution within a given context for a limited amount of time. 

    This course offers a unique blend of programming skills and application design principles tailored specifically for professionals in the business domain.


ECTS Credits

Autumn. Will be offered autumn 2026.