Norwegian Language for Foreign Students level II

NOR11 Norwegian Language for Foreign Students level II

Spring 2024

  • Topics

    NOR11 is the second course in the Norwegian language. The course expands the knowledge and practical language skills gained at NOR10 (A1). We discuss topics related to Norwegian culture, history, and society, emphasizing oral and written communication. The curriculum, pedagogical activities, and assessment are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and students are expected to reach CEFR level A2 during the semester.

  • Learning outcome

    At the completion of the course you 


    • Have knowledge about everyday language used in Norway.
    • Know about the most important celebrations and holidays in Norway.
    • Have some knowledge about traditions and social conventions in Norway.
    • Have some knowledge of Norwegian history, and how it influences the present.


    • Can read and understand the main content of simple texts about familiar topics from daily life and work life.
    • Can describe and present people, living conditions, work and daily routines.
    • Can give his or her opinions in a simple way and make simple comparisons.
    • Can have an unprepared conversation about familiar topics.
    • Can write short, simple texts with a basic everyday vocabulary.

    General competences

    • Can communicate in Norwegian in a simple and direct way about familiar topics and activities.

  • Teaching

    • Lectures
    • Written group work
    • Oral group work
    • Individual written work
    • Conversation groups

    Oral participation plays a very important part in the teaching and the course requires a high level of active participation, both individually and in groups.

  • Required prerequisites

    NOR10 or Norwegian skills at level  A1 CEFR.

  • Assessment

    • Individual digital school exam, 3 hours (50%)
    • Individual oral exam, 20 minutes (50%). A conversation in Norwegian.

    Both exams must be completed in the same teaching semester.

    An assessment in NOR11 will not be organised in the the non-teaching semester. As of autumn 2023, only mandatory bachelor courses with an individual assessment will have an assessment in the non-teaching semester. This only applies to students with a valid course approval. The retake options that apply at all times are decided by the dean for the bachelor program and will be published in the course description.

  • Permitted Support Material

    One dictionary, Norwegian-Norwegian (Category I) .

    All in accordance with Supplementary provisions to the Regulations for Full-time Study Programmes at the Norwegian School of Economics Ch.4 Permitted support material and  


ECTS Credits
Teaching language

Spring. Will be offered spring 2024.