Norwegian Language for Foreign Students level I

NOR10 Norwegian Language for Foreign Students level I

Spring 2020

  • Topics

    This course is a beginners course in Norwegian and gives an introduction to the Norwegian language and culture. The course focuses on the everyday language and language use. In addition some topics from Norwegian culture will be presented.

  • Learning outcome

    On completion of the course the successful student


    • Have knowledge about the Norwegian language and Norwegian grammar
    • Have knowledge about the Norwegian culture and society


    • Can talk about, and ask questions about everyday life
    • Can talk about your plans for the future and what you have done
    • Can read and understand short texts
    • Can write short texts with a basic vocabulary

  • Teaching


    Oral exercises (in groups)

    Written exercises (individually and in groups)

    Conversation classes


    Oral exercise is a very important part of the course and active participation is a prerequisite.

  • Restricted access

    This course is reserved for students with no or little prior knowledge of Norwegian language. Students with Norwegian, Norwegian as a second language, Swedish or Danish are not accepted to the course.

  • Requirements for course approval


  • Assessment

    Assessment for this course will not be changed spring 2020.

    There are five elements required for passing the course: Two individual written assignments; Two grammar tests; One oral activity. The elements will be given throughout the semester, and must be handed in by the appointed date (made public at the start of term). Two of the elements are only given as part of the lectures, and the students must be present at these lectures. All elements will be graded as pass/fail, with a possibility to retake them. All elements must be passed in the same teaching semester.

  • Grading Scale

    Grading: Pass / Fail

  • Literature

    Compendium available at the learning platform (Canvas)

    Texts and exercises handed out in class. (Also available on Canvas)

    Recommended dictionaries:

    Norsk-engelsk / engelsk-norsk skoleordbok (Kunnskapsforlaget)


ECTS Credits
Teaching language
Norwegian and English

Spring and autumn. Offered spring 2020

Course responsible

Klara Sjo, Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication.