Managing Strategic Change

SOL20 Managing Strategic Change

Spring 2024

  • Topics

    Organizations pursue strategic change in response to changes in the external environment and to improve firm performance. Managing large-scale organizational change has proven difficult and as many as 70-75% of all planned change initiatives fail to reach their goals. This course provides the students with an analytical framework that allows them to better understand, organize and manage planned change processes in organizations. Students are trained in practical application of the framework through the use of teaching cases and practical change exercises. Topics include: analyzing the context and content of change, making implementation choices, understanding and handling reactions to change, change agent skills and roles, and managing the transition.

  • Learning outcome

    Knowledge - upon successful completion the student

    • can demonstrate knowledge and understanding of central themes and theories of strategic change
    • is familiar with the basics from research on strategic change
    • has a critical and reflective approach to understanding strategic change
    • can demonstrate a reflective approach to real-life strategic change processes

    Skills - upon successful completion the student can

    • apply research-based models and theories to analyze strategic change
    • reflect on strengths and weaknesses of their own analysis
    • identify relevant information to organize and plan strategic change in an organization
    • make research-based suggestions on how to manage strategic change

    General competencies

    • can understand and communicate various approaches to change
    • can understand and communicate various reactions to change
    • can engage in a meaningful and reflective dialogue with industry members/managers/practitioners on strategic change

  • Teaching

    The course will be delivered with a combination of a) lectures at campus, that will consist of a combination of lectures, case discussions and change exercises.

    The course aims to develop skills on planned organizational change at the individual and team level. Practical exercises and case work is therefore included as a key component in the pedagogical course design.

    Lectures will be at campus and there will be no recording.

  • Recommended prerequisites

    Recommend some understanding of strategy, e.g. introductory book on strategic management.

  • Compulsory Activity

    1 group-based case analysis hand-in (approved/not approved)

    2 individual project reflection notes (approved/not approved)

    Retake: Previously awarded compulsory activities (work requirements) is valid also when compulsory activities (work requirements) has been changed.

  • Assessment

    Four hour Individual home exam (case-based), between 09:00 and 13:00 on the exam day.

    Assessment is only offered in the teaching semester (autumn).

  • Grading Scale


  • Literature

    Balogun, J., Hope Hailey, V. and Gustafsson, S. 2016. Exploring Strategic Change. 4th ed. Pearson.

    Collection of cases will be made available electronically.


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Course responsible

Associate Professor Birthe Kåfjord Lange, Department of Strategy and Management