Japanese for Business III

JAP12 Japanese for Business III

Spring 2024

  • Topics

    This course focuses on Japanese language on an Intermediate level. Compared to the preceding courses (JAP10 and JAP11), this course focuses on raising the Japanese proficiency level to be better prepared for student exchange or internship in Japan.

  • Learning outcome

    On completion of the course, the student:


    • has good factual skills about the Japanese language system


    • is able to read and write approx. 250 kanji
    • can read authentic Japanese texts
    • manages both hand and machine written text production

    general competence

    • has an understandng for how social and cultural factors influence Japanese language and communication

  • Compulsory Activity


  • Assessment

    4 hour written school exam

  • Grading Scale

    Scale: A-F


ECTS Credits
Teaching language
Primarily taught in Japanese and Norwegian but may add English when necessary.

Not offered autumn 2023.