Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance

FIN552 Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance

Autumn 2024

  • Topics

    This is an advanced PhD level course on corporate finance. Primary topics of the course concern finance & political economy and corporate governance. Moreover, the course will cover finance & ESG and financial crises. On the methodological side, emphasis will be placed on causality and identification. Finally, the course will also include sessions on the publication process and on how to conduct research.

  • Learning outcome

    Upon course completion, the candidate can:


    • Analyze the various mechanisms and frictions that shape corporate financing and investment policies, with a special focus on political economy.
    • Critically evaluate empirical work in corporate finance with a focus on the principles of causal inference.
    • Examine frontier research on finance & political economy as well as finance & ESG.


    • Critically read, assess, and present recent research in corporate finance.
    • Formulate new problems/models within the field of corporate finance.

    General competence:

    • Identify promising research ideas in the area of empirical corporate finance.

  • Teaching

    5 sessions, taught in person on campus, in May 2024.

  • Restricted access

    • PhD candidates at NHH
    • PhD candidates at Norwegian institutions
    • PhD candidates at other institutions
    • PhD candidates from the ENGAGE.EU alliance

  • Required prerequisites

    All participants must have successfully completed a PhD-level empirical corporate finance course.

  • Assessment

    The final grade is based on an individual 15-minutes presentation of a research paper.

  • Grading Scale

    Pass / Fail

  • Literature

    The course is based on selected recent research articles.

  • This is an ENGAGE-course

    This course is offered to PhD candidates from the ENGAGE.EU alliance.


ECTS Credits
Teaching language
The course will be taught in English.

Spring. Will be offered Spring 2024.

Course responsible

Professor Ran Duchin, Boston College

Internal NHH contact person, Associate Professor Konrad Raff