29 August 2016 15:18

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To view a detailed schedule for the parallel sessions please follow this link (updated on August 9, 2017).

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We shall leave NHH at 12:00 noon Friday and expect to be back in the city centre at 17:30. Departure for the Conference Dinner (by boat) will be at 18:30 from nearby the hotels - about 10 minutes walk. It is important to highlight that if someone misses the boat there is no alternative means of transportation to get to the restaurant.

With short sailing distance to a number of key fields in the North Sea CCB Mongstad AS is the natural junction between land and sea. There are 5 quays totalling 750 meters. Mongstad supplies today between 20-25 of Statoil's installations, and the number of vessels in regular service are six. In addition, there are some extra vessels in operation. Thus, there will generally be between 8-15 vessels depending on the activities taking place on the facilities. It is by far the largest Statoil base for their supply logistics in the North Sea, and in fact, it is the largest supply base anywhere in Europe. The port requires a fairly high rotation since there is not room for many vessels at the same time.