Information meeting


Aud. Max:  Short presentations and Q&A

  • General information about the master’s thesis
    Jan I. Haaland (programme manager MØA) and Kjell Ove Røsok (programme manager MRR)
  • What can the Library do for you?
    Kari Fjose, Head of Library

Short presentations of possible master’s thesis topics from research centres at NHH:  

  • CBE - Centre for Business Economics
    Øyvind Thomassen
  • CSL - Centre for Shipping & Logistics
    Julio Goez
  • FAIR – Centre for Experimental Research on Fairness, Inequality and Rationality
    Alexander Willen and Alexander Cappelen
  • ENE- Energy, Natural Resources & The Environment
    Gunnar Eskeland
  • Finance (various finance centres)
    Carsten Bienz
  • NoCeT - Norwegian Centre for Taxation
    Simone Traini
  • Macro, Risk and Sustainability
    Gernot Doppelhofer
  • BrandInnova
    Magne Supphellen
  • RaCE - Radical Technology-Driven Change in Established Firms
    Justin Arthur Harlan
  • DIG - Digital Innovation for Growth
    Bram Timmermans
  • Q&A

 The Mirror Hall – light food and stands

There will be stands for all research centres, as well as for questions regarding the master’s thesis in general. 

Students have the opportunity to walk around and ask any questions they may have regarding the master’s thesis.

They can also discuss topics and possible cooperation with the research centres.



On Meeting Point Master on Canvas you'll find video presentations about writing a master’s thesis, presentations of thesis opportunities in collaboration with the research centres at NHH and suggested topics from companies and organisations.

Updated material will be publisehd early in September.

We recommend that you prepare by studying this material before the information meeting on 19 September.


On Tuesday 20 September you can meet representatives from companies and organisations, and get the opportunity to discuss suggested thesis topics.

More information will be published on Meeting Point – Master on Canvas.