Privacy policy and terms of use for NHh alumni

Privacy policy and terms of use for NHh alumni

The following privacy policy and terms of use apply for the NHH Alumni network.

  • Privacy policy

    Privacy policy

    Information registered in the NHH Alumni membership database will be used to approach and contact members of NHH Alumni. The offer to NHH alumni contains newsletters, research magazine, invitations to conferences and events and campaigns for support to NHH such as being a mentor and contributing to fundraising.

    The data will be stored in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM-system. Each member of NHH Alumni must provide name, student number and date of birth in order to be registered as a member.

    NHH, represented by the rector, is responsible for information in the NHH Alumni database. Information is stored according to the Personal Data Act §8a and the regulation article 6b under GDPR. Daily operations and maintenance is delegated to NHH Alumni. The alumni office can be contacted through

    The NHH Alumni database contains name, student number and date of birth, address and contact information in addition to education, class, employer, elected positions and interests. Some data is collected from FS, Felles Studentsystem, when an alumni is invited to become a member. Data generated from FS contains name, student number and date of birth, address and contact information, education and class. Additional data is provided by each member at registration or later updates through “my page”. If an invited alumn rejects or fails to give an active consent to membership, no information will be stored in the NHH Alumni membership database.

    Any member may at any time discontinue his or hers membership in NHH Alumni. This can be done either through my page or by direct request to NHH through Information will be stored until an individual requests that they should be deleted.

    Information submitted to us will not be sold or in any other way distributed to a third party. It wil solely be used by NHH for offers containing content developed by NHH.

    Information is protected by The Freedom of Information Act, Offentlighetsloven. A member has only access to personal information containing the individuals own membership. Access is protected by sign-in through password.

    For general regulations concerning privacy policy see:

    A member can contact at NHH through in order to exercise any of the rights regulated by the privacy policy.

    NHH, Norwegian School of Economics
    Privacy policy officer:

  • Terms of use

    Terms of use

    Membership in NHH Alumni includes the following elements:

    • Newsletters in English and Norwegian
    • Alumni gatherings in Oslo, Bergen, London and other selected cities
    • Class jubilees*
    • MBA reunions*
    • Facebook ang LinkedIn groups
    • Invitations to sign shares in the NHH Alumni Fund
    • Executive education from NHH Executive

    *NHH Alumni can facilitate class jubilees and MBA reunions. We can provide lecturers, venues and cooperate in programme development.

    Members may also sign up for other newsletters and information from NHH, such newsletters from research groups or marketing from NHH Executive. All additional subscriptions and consent will be added upon active consent or sign-up from each member.

    Personal data will be stored and processed according to relevant NHH privacy policy and relevant acts and regulations.