Engage.EU meeting in Bergen

Engage.EU meeting in Bergen

On behalf of the ENGAGE.EU alliance, we are pleased to invite ENGAGE.EU partners to the Bergen Meeting at NHH Norwegian School of Economics from Tuesday 30 May to Thursday 1 June 2023.


  • Tuesday, May 30

    Tuesday, May 30


    Venue: NHH Norwegian School of Economics

    Address: Helleveien 30



    Lunch for rectors/presidents of ENGAGE.EU

    Room: C-110 Stupet


    Informal meeting of the rectors

    Room: C-314


    Board of Learners meeting

    Room: C-104

    16.15-16.45 Break and photo session  

    Governing Board meeting

    Room: C-314

    18.00 Transport to hotel  

    Informal dinner reception, all participants.

    Venue: Radisson Blu Royal Hotel; address:  Dreggsallmenningen 1



  • Wednesday, May 31

    Wednesday, May 31


    Venue: NHH Norwegian School of Economics

    Address: Helleveien 30


    Transport to campus, rectors and presidents

    Bus leaves from Thon Hotel Orion


    Governing Board meeting

    Room: C-314


    Transport to campus, all participants

    Bus leaves from Thon Hotel Orion

    Workshops: Status and remaining work in Engage 1.0
    Working session in the three core tracks of ENGAGE.EU: 
    • Learning (Room: Aud B)
    • Research (Room: Aud C)
    • Outreach to society (Room: Aud D)
    Program to be developed in cooperation with coordinators from ENGAGE.EU 2.0. 
    10.00-10.15 Break  
    Opening session
    Room: Aud D


    Øystein Thøgersen, rector, NHH

    The transformational potential of ENGAGE.EU

    • Tomas Puhl, president, University of Mannheim
    • Sandro Mochan, chair, ENGAGE.EU Board of Learners 
    • Tessa Chambon, co-chair, ENGAGE.EU Board of Learners

    Transition to ENGAGE.EU 2.0 - Expectations and ambitions

    Thomas Fetzer, coordinator, ENGAGE.EU
    11.00-11.15 Break  
    ENGAGE.EU keynote session
    Room: Aud D
    Moderator: Øystein Thøgersen, rector, NHH

    Sustainability and societal challenges – can we walk the talk? 

    Keynote speakers
    • What is fair? And why does it matter?
      Alexander W. Cappelen, professor at NHH’s Centre of Excellence FAIR – Centre for Experimental Research on Fairness, Inequality and Rationality
    • Let us play in the sandbox: Why play is as important as homework for the green transition - Mari Larsen Sæther, business developer, Carrot

    Panel conversation:

    How can the ENGAGE.EU universities be a part of the solution to the current challenges – in action, not only in words? What can and should students and society expect from us as ambitious institutions of higher education and research?
    • Alexander W. Cappelen, professor, NHH
    • Mari Larsen Sæther, business developer, Carrot
    • Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger, president, WU Vienna School of Economics
    • Ethan McChristian, master student at NHH and head of NHHS Green Team

    This session is open to faculty and staff from NHH.

    12.45-13.00 Photo session  (NHH main entrance)




    Room: NHH employee cafeteria



    From mission statement to mission accomplished: How do we realize the ambitions of ENGAGE.EU?

    Room: Aud Q

    Moderator: Danijela Grubnic, institutional coordinator, WU

    Discussions of key questions on how we can create lasting impact in our institutions, in the ecosystems around us and beyond, guided by the ENGAGE.EU mission statement and building on the partners’ good practices for involvement, outreach, and impact.

    Interactive session with discussions of strategic issues. Participants will be divided into groups of six, with one rector/representative from each institution to lead the discussions. 


    16.00-16.30 Coffee break


    Separate student program

    16.30-17.45 Closing plenary session:

    Key issues for successful transition

    Room: Aud Q

    Identify and discuss key issues for the transition to Engage 2.0 in core areas:

    • Learning
    • Research
    • Outreach to society

    Guided walk to the dinner venue, approximately 30 minutes.



    Venue: Restaurant Bod24

    Address: Sjøgaten 24



  • Thursday, June 1

    Thursday, June 1


    Venue: Thon hotel Orion

    Address: Bradbenken 3


    Status of the areas:
    How are we preparing for the transition to ENGAGE.EU 2.0?

    Meeting room: Ulriken

    ENGAGE.EU coordinators, WP/Area coordinators + local coordinators only.

    Participants not attending the meeting can enjoy a long breakfast or a nice morning walk in the city.


    Workshops: planning ahead for ENGAGE.EU 2.0

    Working session in the three core tracks of ENGAGE.EU:

    • Learning (meeting room: Ulrikken)
    • Research (meeting room: Håkonshallen)
    • Outreach to society (meeting room: Grieghallen)

    Program developed by WP/area coordinators from ENGAGE.EU 2.0.

    11.00-11.30 Coffee break

    Discussion: Cross-connections across the areas

    Meeting room: Ulriken

    How do we create good connections and efficient communication?

    Summing up and thank you



    End of meeting




Address: NHH, Helleveien 30, 5045 Bergen


  1. Taxi from the airport
  2. Bus shuttle FLYBUSSEN from the airport: line FB51 to Åsane Terminal
    Price one way: NOK 149 - Bus stop: HANDELSHØYSKOLEN
  3. More information about travelling to Bergen and NHH



  1. Taxi from the airport
  2. Bus shuttle FLYBUSSEN from the airport: line FB50 to Bergen City Centre - Price: NOK 149 one way.
  3. Light rail BYBANEN from the airport: line 1 - Price one way: NOK 40 - Light rail stop: BYPARKEN.