ENGAGE.EU teaching opportunities enhance the learning experience for both lecturers and students, opening doors for collaboration, creativity, and personalized learning. Embracing innovative practices in education not only benefits lecturers and students but also contributes to the continuous improvement of the educational system.



The seed funding aims to encourage collaboration and innovation in teaching and learning within ENGAGE.EU through the development of joint educational offers across the alliance. 

  • Read more about the Seed funding teaching

    Read more about the Seed funding teaching

    ENGAGE.EU Incubator Seed Funding is now open!

    Academic teaching staff from ENGAGE.EU partner universities are invited to apply for seed-funding for the development of joint teaching initiatives.  

    The seed funding aims to encourage collaboration and innovation in teaching and learning within ENGAGE.EU through the development of joint educational offers across the alliance. 

    Initiatives exploring the collaborative development of new courses and/or teaching formats can apply for seed funding up to €10,000.  Funding can be used for personnel costs, travel, meetings and events, for the production of course materials, training or similar.  

    To qualify, the proposed teaching initiative must include colleagues from at least three partner universities in the alliance and be linked to the ENGAGE.EU mission.

    • Application deadline: 25 September 2024
    • Results are announced: early November 2024
    • Funding period: November 2024 to October 2026

    For more information about how to apply, please see the Academic Initiative Incubator Seed Funding Guidelines. Academic teaching staff from NHH can contact their local ENGAGE.EU Incubator contact person Anika Seemann with further questions.

    Information webinars will be held on:

    • 25 June 2024 from 14.00-15.00 (CET) and
    • 12 September 2024 from 14.00-15.00 (CET).

    To register, please fill in the form here.

    This seed funding call forms part of the newly launched ENGAGE.EU Academic Initiative Incubator, which supports academic teaching staff across the alliance in the bottom-up development of new educational offers.

    For more information on the Academic Initiative Incubator and what support it provides, please visit ENGAGE.EU Incubator seed funding webpage.


  • Apply here!

    Apply here!

    APPLICATION DEADLINE: 25 September 2024

    Academic Initiative Incubator Seed Funding Guidelines

    Fill in the application form

    Send the application form to engage.eu@nhh.no. 


Lecturers can use the ENGAGE.EU network to find inspiration and collaborators for creating new courses or updating existing ones. Joint course development enables lecturers to experiment with different teaching strategies, assessment methods, and instructional materials, fostering a dynamic, engaging and relevant learning environment.

  • Online course

    Online course

    An online course is a regular NHH course, delivered in English and open for online participation for ENGAGE.EU students. Students from ENGAGE.EU partners can enroll to access lectures, learning materials, group discussions,  assignments, sit exams fully online. and take assessments without physically attending a traditional classroom setting. Online courses utilize various technologies such as virtual classrooms, videos, audio lectures, interactive quizzes, and discussion forums to deliver the course content.

    For more information on how to develop an Online course here at NHH, please contact ENGAGE.EU Programme manager Annelise Ly: annelise.ly@nhh.no

  • Signature course

    Signature course

    A signature course is a new course developed jointly by at least three ENGAGE.EU universities, thematically related to solving societal challenges. Courses can be open online courses for all students of the ENGAGE.EU universities, or follow a ‘Collaborative International Online Course’ (COIL) formats that are only available to students from the partners offering the course.

    At NHH we currently offer 2 signature courses:

    • Future of work (EEU414): a collaboration between NHH, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, the University of Mannheim and the University of Toulouse Capitole
    • Virtual collaboration across cultures (EEU412): a collaboration between NHH, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business and Hanken School of Economics.

    For more information on how to develop a Signature course here at NHH, please contact ENGAGE.EU Programme manager Annelise Ly: annelise.ly@nhh.no.

  • Summer and Winter schools

    Summer and Winter schools

    ENGAGE.EU Summer and Winter Schools are intensive programmes taught by professors and lecturers from ENGAGE.EU universities during summer or winter breaks. Each summer or winter school has an ENGAGE.EU-relevant theme, and courses are offered that enable students to develop knowledge and competence within that theme.  

    The format of the summer school is a 10-day or two-week intensive programme, for approximately 45 students. They normally give 3-5 ECTS and can be at either bachelor or master level. The host university invites lecturers from partner institutions to give lectures as part of the programme. Involvement of partners from business and industry is encouraged.  

    For more information on how to develop a Summer/Winter school here at NHH, please contact engage.eu@nhh.no.

  • Expedition week

    Expedition week

    The ENGAGE.EU Expedition is a one-week intensive, international, and multidisciplinary co-designed programme and learning experience for students who work together with experts and mentors on finding solutions to real-life problems. Students work together in international and interdisciplinary teams on challenges presented by the societal partners of ENGAGE.EU universities. Throughout the programme, they are guided towards knowledge-based and mission-oriented solutions by using design-thinking principles.

    The format of an expedition week is a 5-day programme for approximately 30 students at bachelor or master level. Expedition weeks normally do not result in ECTS for the students.  

    For more information on how to develop an Expedition week here at NHH, please contact Institutional coordinator Linda Rutledal: linda.rutledal@nhh.no.


  • Joint teaching

    Joint teaching

    Joint teaching encourages the sharing of expertise, perspectives, and resources, resulting in a richer learning experience. It allows lecturers to combine their unique strengths, fostering interdisciplinary approaches and exposing students to diverse viewpoints. Furthermore, joint teaching promotes teamwork and professional growth among lecturers, as they learn from each other's teaching styles and techniques. 

    For more information about Joint teaching, please contact ENGAGE.EU Programme manager Annelise Ly: annelise.ly@nhh.no.

  • Pedagogical assistance

    Pedagogical assistance

    Pedagogical assistance is yet another opportunity that benefits both lecturers and students. Pedagogical assistants support lecturers by providing additional guidance, feedback, and resources for course development and teaching. These individuals can help lecturers implement new teaching approaches, incorporate active learning strategies, and manage classroom dynamics. Pedagogical assistance enables lecturers to enhance their teaching effectiveness and efficiency, ultimately improving student learning outcomes.

    For more information about Pedagogical assistance, please contact Senior Adviser for Educational Development, Frank Mortensen: frank.mortensen@nhh.no.

    • Didactic Toolkit for Engaged Learning

      Didactic Toolkit for Engaged Learning


      A support and training material for teaching staff within ENGAGE.EU.


      Within the ENGAGE.EU consortium, teaching staff is confronted with heterogeneous educational offers, which range from microcredentials to joint academic programs on different levels. Additionally, a very diverse group of learners and a wide span of topics makes teaching particularly interesting– and challenging.



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