Digitalization and Accounting

3 March 2020 14:01

Digitalization and Accounting

Research students are invited to attend a course in Digitalization and Accounting, equivalent to 5 ETS points. The Nordic PhD program in Management Accounting organizes the course.

Corse objectives and outline

The overall aim with this course is to learn and reflect upon the emerging stream of research related to digitalization and accounting. Specifically, the course ambition is to equip PhD students with ideas of digitalization (new technology) and its relation to accounting issues and in addition being able to connect it to their own research projects. In a long term perspective, the course seeks to contribute to the development of PhD students´ analytical skills, and therefore facilitate the number of individual and joint international publications by researchers from Nordic countries. This course is included in the Nordic cooperation of PhD courses in accounting.

Format and structure

The course consists of five intensive day sessions with self-studies before and after the meeting. Each day starts with an overview lecture. These are followed by presentations and discussions of the course literature and presentations the PhD students work and the relation to digitalization.

The content of the course are focusing on different parts of accounting and digitalization. The course start with a more general presentation of why it is important with research on digitalization and accounting, and what areas that need to be addressed. The follow three days will focus on three different areas; (a) Smart cities and dialog accounting, (b) The digital CFO, and (c) digital platforms and the implications for accounting. The last day will focus on theories from other fields and theoretical pluralism.


The course literature consists of articles published in international research journals.


The course is organized and held by;
Professor Katarina Kaarbøe, NHH, Professor II Anatoli Bourmistrov, NHH , Professor Jan Mouritsen, Copenhagen Business School, Professor Giuseppe Grossi, Nord University, Associate professor, Martin Carlsson-Wall, Stockholm School of Economics, Associate professor, Lukas Goretzki, Stockholm School of Economics

Requirements for course approval/exam

Active participation at the course meetings through discussions and presentations of the course literature, and a passing grade on an individual term paper based on the course literature.


The course will be conducted in English.

Dates, time and locations

The course meets on the following days during the spring 2020:

30 Mars – 3 April in Bergen, Norway

The course meetings begin at 12.00 the first day, full days the next three and ends at about 14.00 the last day.


Course participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs.


The course is limited to 15 participants. Participants are accepted on a first-come basis. However, priority will be given to students admitted to research studies within the schools in the Nordic PhD program in Management Accounting.

In order so sign up please send 2-3 pages about how far you have come in the PhD studies and about your research project.

To register, please submit your application by January 15 to:
Katarina Kaarbøe or phone +47 46742255
Dan-Richard Knudsen or phone + 47 99352299

Inquiries regarding the course should be addressed to Professor Katarina Kaarbøe.