English for Business Communication

ENG10 English for Business Communication

Autumn 2023

Spring 2024
  • Topics

    English for Business I is the first course of English as an elective subject. It provides a good basis for communicating effectively in professional settings where the common language is English. The foucs is on terminology and professional communication. The course is closely related to other courses in the NHH bachelor programme and is tailor-made for those who wish to communicate business-related knowledge in English. The course consists of two main components: Business topics and Languageactivities. The Business topics comprise the following: The three sectors of the economy, Retailing, The business and its legal context, Mergers and acquisitions, and Management and cultural diversity. The Language activities comprise group presentations, cases, an elevator pitch and terminology tests.

  • Learning outcome

    Upon completion of the course the student can/has


    • use basic English economic-administrative and legal terminology and phraseology relevant for Norwegian businesses/organisations, for internal as well as external communication purposes
    • use the English language system to produce short written documents used in business and public organisations
    • knowledge of basic topics within business and trade
    • knowledge of economic, political and cultural aspects of the UK and USA of special relevance to business and trade


    • give short presentations on economic-administrative topics
    • carry out meetings in English in an adequate manner
    • produce short written documents used in business and public organisations

    General competences

    • basic insight into important principles for written and oral professional communication in English

  • Teaching

    ENG10 focuses on interactive learning. Its two main components, Business topics and Language activities are closely linked. The teaching language is of course English, but Norwegian is used to develop terminology and conceptual understanding in both languages. ENG10 therefore presupposes a good command of the Norwegian language. To be accepted as an English elective subject, both English I and II need to be completed. The completion of English for Business I is a requirement to proceed to English for Business II.

  • Required prerequisites

    ENG10 requires a good command of the Norwegian language.


ECTS Credits
Teaching language

Spring. Offered spring 2023.

Course responsible

Kaisa Pietikäinen (course responsible) and Claudia Förster Hegrenæs, Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication