English for Business Communication

ENG10 English for Business Communication

Spring 2024

  • Topics

    English for Business Communication is a course that enables you to communicate effectively in professional contexts where English is the shared language. The course is tailored for your future career in an increasingly international business world.

    You will increase your communicative skills and learn terminology and language usage related to important subject areas, e.g., business structures, banking, retailing and marketing. You will also learn how to communicate culturally appropriately in a working life characterised by diversity and globalisation.

    Learning takes place through student-active and case-based teaching, which will include, e.g., presentations in groups and individually, pitches to customers and investors, meeting interaction and negotiations.

    Level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR): C1

  • Learning outcome


    Upon completion of the course, the student has knowledge about:

    • topics within trade and business and economic-administrative terminology related to these

    • vocabulary and phraseology relevant to businesses' communication needs in English

    • written and spoken genres used in business

    • important principles and strategies for interaction, including in intercultural contexts

    • economic, political and social conditions that are of particular importance for trade and business, including sustainability


    Upon completion of the course, the student can:

    • give presentations on economic-administrative topics

    • handle interaction in meetings in an appropriate manner

    • manage physical and digital interactions

    • produce written documents that are common in businesses and public organisations

    General competence

    Upon completion of the course, the student has:

    • insight into key principles and strategies for written and oral business communication, including in intercultural contexts

    • experience with collaboration in groups and across organisations

    • experience with communication of and reflection on own and others' efforts

    • ability to give constructive feedback

  • Teaching

    This is a course where interaction and language use are in focus. Classes will consist of case activities, short lectures and written and oral exercises related to business communication.

    The language of instruction is of course English, but Norwegian is used to develop economic-administrative terminology and conceptual understanding in both languages. A good command of Norwegian is therefore required to take this course.

  • Required prerequisites

    ENG10 requires a good command of the Norwegian language.

  • Compulsory Activity

    Compulsory participation in 75% of lectures.

    Completion of a set of online grammar tests.

    Compulsory participation in an oral group activity (intercultural meeting).

  • Assessment

    Portfolio with three oral and two written assignments.

    The oral assessment consists of an individual presentation, group presentation (3-5 students) and participation in a meeting. The oral assessments will be recorded. The written assignments include a business report based on the meetings, and a reflection text.

    All parts of the portfolio must be submitted in the same semester. 

    An assessment in ENG10 will not be organised in the the non-teaching semester. As of autumn 2023, only mandatory bachelor courses with an individual assessment will have an assessment in the non-teaching semester. This only applies to students with a valid course approval. The retake options that apply at all times are decided by the dean for the bachelor program and will be published in the course description.

  • Grading Scale


  • Computer tools

    Students are expected to bring own PC or tablet to all classes.

  • Literature

    Texts, ppt slides from lectures and digital material posted in Canvas

    Recommended dictionary resources:

    The NHH term base for economic-administrative topics: term.nhh.no



ECTS Credits
Teaching language

Spring. Will be offered spring 2024.

Course responsible

Professor Gisle Andersen (course responsible), Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication

Associate Professor Kaisa Pietikäinen, Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication