Victor D. Norman


Victor D. Norman


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Professor, Ph.D.


Curriculum Vitae

Teaching languages:

Norwegian, English

Teaching areas:

International economics

Research areas:

International trade, transportation and economic geography
Industrial policy, innovation and economic growth


Selected publications:

  • “A future for Nordic shipping?”, in S. Tenold, M. Jes Iversen and E. Lange (eds.), Global shipping in Small Nations, Palgrave macmillan, 2013, 202-214.
  • "Farvel til Europa?  Norsk utenriks- og handelspolitikk i en ny verden”, in O. Mølster and Å. Weltzien (eds.), Norge og det nye verdenskartet, Cappelen Damm,  2013, 129-151.
  • “City wanderers.  The economic effects of mobile communication”, in Kjell Eliassen (ed.), Business and politics in a new global order, Gyldendal Akademisk, 2012
  • En liten, åpen økonomi, 4th revised edition, Gyldendal Akademisk, 2010. (With L. Orvedal)
  • On the road to Samarkand.  Globalisation and the Swedish economy, Globaliseringsrådet, Stockholm, 2008 (with K. Bjorvatn og L. Orvedal)
  • “Industrial clusters: Equilibrium, welfare and policy”, Economica 71, 2004, 543-558 (With A. J. Venables)
  • Blue notes.  Politikkens paradokser, Fagbokforlaget, 2004.
  • "International Trade, Factor Mobility, and Trade Costs", Economic Journal, 105, 1995, 1488-1504. (With A.J. Venables.)
  • "Assessing trade and welfare effects of trade liberalization", European Economic Review, 34, 1990, 725-751.
  • "VEMOD - a Ricardo-Heckscher-Ohlin-Jones model of world trade", Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 89, 1987, 251-270. (With J.I. Haaland, T. Rutherford og T. Wergeland.)
  • " Theory of international trade, Nisbet/Cambridge University Press, 1980. (With Avinash Dixit.)
  • "Advertising and welfare", The Bell Journal of Economics, 1978, 1-17. (With Avinash Dixit.)
  • "Technological change and factor mix over the product cycle", Journal of Development Economics, 1977, 3-24. (With Richard R. Nelson.)
 Other interests/involvements:


Columnist, Dagens Næringsliv
Chairman, ASVL (Organisasjonen av vekst- og attføringsbedrifter)
Board member, Umoe AS and Bergshav Shipholding AS
Member, Bergen City Council