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Chronopoulos, Michail; Panaousis, Emmanouil; Grossklags, Jens An Options Approach to Cybersecurity Investment IEEE Access Volum 6; side 12175 - 12186; 2018
Chronopoulos, Michail; Lumbreras, Sara Optimal regime switching under risk aversion and uncertainty European Journal of Operational Research Volum 256 (2); side 543 - 555; 2017
Blyth, William; Bunn, Derek William; Chronopoulos, Michail; Munoz, Jose Systematic Analysis of the Evolution of Electricity and Carbon Markets Under Deep Decarbonization Journal of Energy Markets Volum 9 (3); side 59 - 94; 2016
Lumbreras, Sara; Bunn, Derek William; Ramos, Andres; Chronopoulos, Michail Real options valuation applied to transmission expansion planning Quantitative finance (Print) Volum 16 (2); side 231 - 246; 2016
Zhang, Zixuan; Chronopoulos, Michail; Kyriakou, Ioannis; Dimitrova, Dimitrina S. Bi-level optimisation of subsidy and capacity investment under competition and uncertainty European Journal of Operational Research; 2024
Tsiodra, Maria; Panda, Sakshyam; Chronopoulos, Michail; Panaousis, Emmanouil Cyber Risk Assessment and Optimization: A Small Business Case Study IEEE Access Volum 11; side 44467 - 44481; 2023
Sendstad, Lars Hegnes; Chronopoulos, Michail; Hagspiel, Verena Optimal Risk Adoption and Capacity Investment in Technological Innovations IEEE transactions on engineering management Volum 70 (2); side 576 - 589; 2021
Tsiodra, Maria; Chronopoulos, Michail A bi-level model for optimal capacity investment and subsidy design under risk aversion and uncertainty Journal of the Operational Research Society (0 sider); 2021
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