Chiara Canta

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Brekke, Kurt Richard, Canta, Chiara, Straume, Odd Rune Reference pricing with endogenous generic entry Journal of Health Economics Volum 50, side 312 - 329, 2016
Canta, Chiara, Pestieau, Pierre, Thibault, Emmanuel Long-term care and capital accumulation: the impact of the State, the market and the family Economic Theory Volum 61 (4), side 755 - 785, 2016
Canta, Chiara, Leroux, Marie-Louise Public and Private Hospitals, Congestion, and Redistribution Journal of Public Economic Theory Volum 18 (1), side 42 - 66, 2016
Canta, Chiara, Dubois, Pierre Smoking within the Household: Spousal Peer Effects and Children’s Health Implications. The BE Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy Volum 15 (4), side 1939 - 1973, 2015
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