The HUB@NHH welcomes Tryg!

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Photo: Tryg
By Stina Iren Boge

21 October 2021 14:15

The HUB@NHH welcomes Tryg!

`We see great value in cooperating with leading research centers and adapting new knowledge in our business set-up´, says Jannicke Schumann-Olsen, director of new business and customer innovation at Tryg.

Tryg, the leading Nordic insurance company, recently became a member of the Digital Transformation HUB (The HUB) at NHH. 

The future of insurance

Since its creation, the insurance industry has become an essential part of the global economy — providing security and reliability to individuals, businesses, and industries. But the insurance market is changing and have been for some time. Fierce competition and technology driven disruption paired with millennials’ changing preferences, result in the need for more flexible and consumer-facing business models.

`Tryg has an ambitious agenda for creating the future business models for insurance. We see great value in cooperating with leading research centres and adapting new knowledge in our business set-up´, explains Jannicke Schumann-Olsen, director of new business and customer innovation at Tryg.

According to EY’s NextWave insurance report (2020) one of the next major innovation opportunities with data and analytics involves rapidly identifying and precisely measuring risk and using that insight to proactively meet customer needs. For Schumann-Olsen and Tryg, data and predictive models leads the way in moving from traditional insurance to a new service-based model.

`Our work with digital transformation and innovation in Tryg has become increasingly important, which is the motivation behind our membership in The HUB´, says Schumann-Olsen, and continues:



Tryg is the Nordic region's largest non-life insurance company with activities in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The company has provided financial and personal security for our customers for almost 300 years. With over 6.500 employees and a wide range of insurances for both private individuals, companies, and industries, Tryg handles more than 1 million claims in the Nordic region annually.

`An example is behavioral science and the automation of complex processes involving end customers and different partnerships, which will allow us to become more customer focused. We also follow the development of advanced predictive models with great interest. The ability to predict or measure risk in real-time will have major impact on our business models´, she explains.

Customer centric by research

Today’s most successful companies build their entire business around the customer. And for the customer, experience is one of the most important factors determining loyalty. By harvesting data and understanding these, businesses can uncover their customers sentiments, preferences, and behavioral patterns.


The Digital Transformation HUB@NHH (The HUB) is the dissemination, networking and training arena for the research center DIG - Digital Innovation for sustainable Growth. The HUB’s purpose is to assist leaders in their strategic decision making on how to create, deliver, communicate, and capture value in a digital era.

Tor W. Andreassen, Professor and director of NHHs research center DIG- Digital Innovation for Growth, is all for a customer-centric approach to insurance through digital innovation:

`The insurance market has become more competitive over time, creating a more sophisticated customer with a large range in needs and wants. To meet these changing needs businesses must get to know their customers better, respond faster, and give them a better service´, Andreassen explains.

Schumann-Olsen agrees:

`By connecting to a competent and future looking network and research center, our customers will benefit from more customer centric solutions and processes. Our goal is to employ the research to develop a better customer journey that match their expectations, and innovative services meeting their real needs´.