Basic pedagogical training

The raising of awareness and competence levels of the academic staff in regard to the planning and execution of research and empirical based knowledge on learning and teaching in higher education.

The course builds on the following components:

  • Empirical based learning. The starting point is the participants own experience own perception as students and teachers in higher education
  • Systematic reflections. With research literature as a background, the participants shall reflect on questions regarding to learning and teaching I their own subject. These reflections will be shared with the other participants.
  • Own observations. The participants register, and share with the other participants, own teaching practice.

The course is comprised of two sessions plus coursework before the course and in the interim.

Both sessions take place over two days. This will alternate between short talks, group discussion and participant presentations. Between the sessions the participants shall register and reflect over own teaching practice. This shall be reported during the second session.


Interested in participating? Contact Frank Mortensen or Helena Hopland.