Efficient and Sustainable Electricity Markets

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Presentation: Christian Bergqvist
Presentation: Mette Bjørndal
Presentation: Jørgen Bjørndalen
Presentation: Benjamin Fram
Presentation: Ann Mari Løberg
Presentation: Stefan Funk and Jonathan Wood

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Electricity markets are presently under transformation, due in part to the transition towards renewable energy sources. Renewables, like wind and sun, are to a large extent more variable and less predictable than traditional energy sources, and this creates a demand for more flexibility by other players in the market. The EU Winter Package proposes changes to the design of European wholesale and retail electricity markets, seeking to accommodate the increased share of intermittent renewables in an efficient manner, while at the same time providing a fair deal for consumers.

This seminar will discuss some of the challenges for the design of efficient and sustainable electricity markets. The focus of the seminar is both on the national and European wholesale markets as well as local retail markets and distribution grids.

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