Economics of Mutuality: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Value-Creation


The Economics of Mutuality (EoM) is a proven operating model that drives superior value creation through measurable impact-led management practices. It equips companies to generate enduring mutual value for the benefit of multiple stakeholders by addressing complex challenges in society.

The first Economics of Mutuality forum to be held in Scandinavia, this event is hosted by Brandinnova, the Center for Brand Research at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Eika Gruppen, Jæren Sparebank, and the Economics of Mutuality Foundation.

Through lectures, case studies, and discussions, attendees will explore how the Economics of Mutuality operating model works – and how it could be applied in their context to drive positive societal impact and enhanced business performance. They will consider examples from both emerging and mature markets across multiple industries, including Banking and Food & Beverage.

A key focus of the forum will be the topic of financial wellbeing, with time devoted to exploring how the business and finance sectors can address issues such as rising living costs, the digital divide, and lack of financial literacy in the context of the Nordic region as well as developing countries.

Expert speakers from the private sector and academia will be sharing their experience and insights at the forum, including Magne Supphellen, Professor of Marketing at NHH; Ole Rølvaag, the newly appointed head of Eika Økonomi and the Group Head of Innovation at Eika Gruppen; Colin Mayer, Former Dean and Emeritus Professor at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School; and Dr. Jay Jakub, Executive Director of the Economics of Mutuality Foundation and co-author of Completing Capitalism: Heal Business to Heal the World, and a contributing co-author of Putting Purpose into Practice: The Economics of Mutuality.

The Economics of Mutuality emerged from a multi-year business innovation program led by Mars, Inc. that engaged a range of cross-sector partners including Oxford University’s Saïd Business School. The program delivered proof of concept practical application across business units, sectors, and markets along with teaching curricula and case studies.

Today, the model is advanced and implemented by the independent Economics of Mutuality Alliance, a partnership of two non-profits and two for-profits, that works with companies, investors, universities, and NGOs around the world. A growing number of firms are adopting the model, including Mars, Inc. and its top performing petcare business Royal Canin, Natwest Bank, Ashahi Breweries, ADEO Group’s Leroy Merlin home improvement retailer, and more.



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Date: April 10th-11th, 2024 (lunch-to-lunch)

Location: Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

April 10th: EoM and Sustainable Value Creation


Prof. Magne Supphellen, NHH & Ole Rølvaag, Eika Gruppen / Eika Økonomi

EoM: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Value Creation
Prof. Colin Mayer, Oxford University

Defining the Purpose: Why it Matters & How it Can Drive Superior Performance
Dr. Jay Jakub, Executive Director, EoM Foundation

Facilitated by Prof. Magne Supphellen, with Jay Jakub, Chief of Staff & Alastair Colin-Jones, Senior Director, EoM Alliance’s Mutual Value Labs

Coffee Break

EoM in Practice: Part 1 - Deploying EoM in Business (Practical Application Overview with Case Examples in Banking, Food & Beverage)  Alastair Colin-Jones, Senior Director, EoM Alliance’s Mutual Value Labs

EoM in Practice: Part 2 - Application: EoM as a Tool for Inclusive Banking in the Nordics (Panel Discussion w/Q&A)

Moderator: Magne Supphellen, NHH, with Atle Riskedal, Vekstpartner; Ole Rølvaag, Eika; Alastair Colin-Jones, EoM

April 11th: Implementing EoM

EoM in Practice: Part 3 - The Link to Brand Management 
Magne Supphellen, NHH

EoM in Scandinavian Start-ups 
Atle Riskedal, Vekstpartner

Atle Riskedal, Magne Supphellen, Alastair Colin-Jones

Coffee Break

EoM in Practice: Part 4 - The Developing World (Maua RTM in East Africa, Diagnostic in Indonesia) 
Jay Jakub & Alastair Colin-Jones, EoM

Student Panel Discussion / Reflections 
Facilitated by Magne Supphellen, with 3 students


Wrap-up: Ole Rølvaag, Eika/Magne Supphellen, NHH