information meeting


  • About the master thesis and practical matters
    Endre Bjørndal, leader of the MØA programme
  • The Master’s Mingle
    Gunnhild Solemdal, NHHS
  • What can the library do for you during the writing process? 
    Kari Fjose, Head of the NHH Library

Examples of research areas and possible topics for master theses

  • FAIR – Center for Experimental Research on Fairness, Inequality, and Rationality
    Aline Bütikofer and Mathias P. Ekström
  • FOCUS – Future-Oriented Corporate Solutions
    Inger G. Stensaker
  • NoCeT – Norwegian Centre for Taxation
    Floris Zoutman
  • Centre for Shipping and Logistics (CSL)
    Mario Guajardo
  • Finans Bergen
    Michael Kisser


  • Centre for Business Economics (CBE) and FOOD
    Malin Arve and Frode Steen
  • CSI – Center for Service Innovation
    Seidali Kurtmollaiev
  • DigAudit etc.
    Finn Kinserdal
  • ENE-Centre
    Stein Ivar Steinshamn
  • Finance Innovation
    Atle Sivertsen