MBA in Technology and Innovation of Finance

MBA in Technology and Innovation of Finance

NHH’s Executive MBA in Fintech is a two-year part-time master programme that will enable you to better understand the challenges and opportunities created by the ongoing Fintech revolution, and how to translate this knowledge into better decisions.

In 1994, Bill Gates famously said that banking services are essential, while banks are not. Now, over two decades later, the prophecy implicit in Gates’ quote is beginning to materialize. Firms both inside and outside of what we traditionally think of the financial sector, have started to challenge the status quo in the financial sector, fuelled by new technologies, new business models and new regulations.

The purpose of the EMBA in Fintech is to give you the knowledge, tools and understanding necessary to understand the challenges and/or opportunities that your firm might face in the wake of the ongoing Fintech revolution. Furthermore, you will learn how to use this knowledge to make better decisions that increase the likelihood that your firm will succeed.

The EMBA in Fintech is a unique interdisciplinary programme that draws on state-of-the-art insights from academic fields such as Finance, Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Economics and Management. Each of the five modules are organized around a set of distinct questions managers face (or are likely to face) when new technology and new business models challenge the existing status quo. These overarching questions will then inform and guide the the technologies and changes we will focus on, the choice of academic insights to understand these phenomena, and also which practitioners we will invite as guest speakers on each module.

If you want to learn more about the strategic consequences of issues such as robotrading, new forms of equity and credit, open banking, artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain, cryptocurrency, PSD2 and new business models related to financial services, this might be the program for you. If you also would like to learn how to use this knowledge to help your firm succeed by taking advantage of opportunities and reducing risks, this is definitely the programme for you.

About the programme

ECTS Credits
60 credits
Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Practical information

  • The programme starts in November 29th 2018
  • Continuous admission. The admission committee meets on October 23rd 2018
  • The programme will be taught in a nordic language
  • Two-year, part-time programme
  • 32 participants per class
  • Program tuition: NOK 390,000 (NOK 97,500 per term)


Programme structure

First semester: The big picture: Technological change and innovation of finance
Campus NHH, Bergen
Technological change
New technology in Finance
Competing on innovation: Coopetition, uncertainty and regulatory environments
09.05.2019 Home exam                         
Second semester: Competition and users
Platforms and Networks
16.09.-20.09.2019 Study tour Europe
Campus NHH, Bergen
Understanding the user 
28.11.2019 Home exam
Third semester: Sources of Competitive Advantage
Positions, activities and resources: Understanding the sources of Competitive Advantage 
Innovation in practice
Campus NHH, Bergen
Innovation Capabilities, Brands and new sources of Finance 
07.05.2020 Home exam
Fourth semester: International Business and Fintech in Asia
08.06.-12.06.2020 Study tour Asia
Execution I: Governance and Management Control
Campus NHH, Bergen
Execution II: Managing Change 
29.10.2020 Home exam
12.11.2020 Submission of the MBA thesis
Campus NHH, Bergen
Presentation of the MBA thesis