Module description

Module one: Strategic Overview
We will start the techUpgrade with a little refresher in the statistical methods necessary for the later parts. This refresher will bring you back up to speed on a number of essential methods in a practical and applied way.

In a second step you will get an introduction to R. R has emerged as the most important statistical programming language. Due to its open source nature R has become a central backbone of modern data analysis and it covers all relevant areas of data analysis for us.
We will also discuss practical areas of data analysis here, such as research reproducibility.

Core Data Analysis
Almost every firm has small data available: information from CRM systems, data from Bloomberg or accounting data. This course teaches you basic methods on how to use this data.

We focus not only on the analytical part but also on the dirty secret behind data analysis: data preparation and cleaning. The course uses case studies that allow students to implement each new technique themselves.

Module two: Data Extraction/Cleaning

Modul three: Data Analytics

Modul four: Visualization