NHH summer school

NHH summer school

Interact with students from all over the world while being taught by NHH faculty and leading experts in the various academic fields.

Unfortunately, the NHH Summer School will not be held in 2022. 

NHH is Norway’s leading business school and the number one choice for Norwegian students. Join the NHH Summer School and gain international experience, new academic perspectives and cultural insights. 

In 2021, the NHH will take place between June 14th-25th and be free of charge.

The course will be held digitally, with asynchronous videos to watch, and then synchronous lectures and discussions Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 13:00-15:00 GMT.

The application deadline is 15 May.

Academic programme

Social entrepreneurship is an emerging and rapidly developing field of business in which entrepreneurs employ business methods to solve social and environmental challenges. Social entrepreneurs create new and innovative business models for neglected markets that corporations can emulate, partner with or acquire to take to scale.

This course is designed to provide a socially relevant academic experience in order to help students gain in-depth insights into economic and social value creation across a number of sectors/areas including poverty alleviation, energy, health, and sustainability. Through readings, guest speakers, case discussions, lectures, and student presentations, students will learn to think strategically and act opportunistically with a socially conscious business mindset. The close collaboration with Impact Hub in Bergen, which is a platform for supporting social entrepreneurship activities, and Ferd, an investment company that invests in social entrepreneurship, means that students can link theory to practice as they are exposed to real social entrepreneurship activities.

This course will explore multiple facets of social entrepreneurship including topics such as tradeoffs between social and financial returns on investment, various social organisational models that have tangible and potentially scalable successes in serving the world's poorest populations. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the field of social entrepreneurship, the course will be introductory in nature and will draw heavily from cases, speaker experience and student inquiry.

You may find the full course description and more details on the course website.


Application deadline: 15.05.2021

All applications must be submitted via NHH’s application web. Applications sent by email will not be considered.

Apply here

  • How to apply

    How to apply

    1. Go to SøknadsWeb.
    2. Select Norwegian School of Economics as your institution.
    3. Scroll down to Login International Applicant.
    4. Enter your e-mail address and follow the instructions. Make sure to enter your name as stated in your passport, as wrongfully spelt names may cause delays. Use one e-mail address to avoid creating multiple applications.
    5. Press New Application in the menu bar.
    6. Select NHH Summer School.
    7. Please upload the supporting documents within the application deadline.

    We advise you to complete the application at the earliest possible time, and if possible, to upload all the documents at the same time.

  • Application documents

    Application documents

    Applicants must upload the following documents in the application portal (SøknadsWeb):

    • Official transcript
    • Motivation letter
    • Optional: confirmation of nomination from the home university if not sent by email

    All applicants will be notified of the result of their application after the deadline of 15 May.

Who can apply

Successful applicants must:

  • Be registered as a student at one of NHH's partner universities on the master level or equivalent
    • MBA or finishing the bachelor degree can be accepted
  • Be nominated by their home university to participate in the NHH Summer School
    • The home university must verify the nomination by 1) creating a confirmation that the student can upload with their application or 2) verify the nomination by sending an email to summerschool@nhh.no


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