A challenging and creative work opportunity

A challenging and creative work opportunity

Taking a PhD was not my original plan as I approached graduation, partly because I did not know enough about what it really entailed. However, I took the chance and I have experienced what an interesting, challenging, creative, and flexible work opportunity a doctoral journey truly is.

Silje Rydland Skaar

  • PhD Specialisation: Strategy and management, started 2015.
  • PhD Research Topic: Strategic Change and Implementation Processes.
  • Educational Background: MSc in strategy and management from NHH Norwegian School of Economics, graduated 2015.
  • Nationality: Norwegian.

"A PhD allows me to gain academic expertise and contribute to developing new insights and knowledge on topics of particular interest to me. My research focuses on strategic change, implementation processes, and developing capacity for change at middle and lower levels of organisations.

Through research, I am able to shed light on issues that are of interest, concern, and relevance to a multitude of businesses and thereby I will have potential to impact on theory and practice, which is very rewarding.

I am fortunate to collaborate closely with one of the largest and highly attractive corporations in Norway, studying change unfolding in real time over several years, which is a great learning experience. Being able to work with real issues and challenges with proximity to organisational practice is particularly motivating in the research process. Specialisation and immersion on realistic problems and puzzles opens for an interesting career both within academia and in the outside business community after completion of the PhD.

The research community at NHH is top of class. Professionally and socially, NHH is a supportive and stimulating research environment where the doctoral scholars have the opportunity to develop by learning from the best. We also receive full time compensation, which is a benefit rare for doctoral students in many other countries and research settings."

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