Nikhil Atreya

I was offered my position even before I defended my PhD thesis

Nikhil Atreya

Nikhil Atreya

I am a Senior Vice President in the Market and Counterparty Credit Risk (M&CCR) management section of Group Risk Management at DNB.

M&CCR management requires advanced financial math ability, which I acquired from world renowned experts during the training phase of the NHH PhD. My PhD thesis, parts of which were co-authored with professors at NHH, touched on the problem of the optimal capital structure and the valuation of complex liabilities of banks.

During the research phase of the NHH PhD, I learned a lot about banking regulation and balance sheet optimization at banks, which are very relevant themes for my current position. I was offered my position even before I defended my PhD thesis, which is more evidence of NHH’s excellent reputation in the Norwegian labor market.

Nationality: Norwegian

Defence date: 11 January 2017

Field: Business and Management Science

Current position: Senior Vice President at DNB in Oslo and researcher at NOCET at NHH

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