Grant McDermott

"Among the numerous benefits that I enjoyed during my time at NHH, I would highlight the school's progressive exchange policy!"

Grant McDermott

Grant McDermott

The economic PhD programme at NHH provides an uniquely supportive and remunerative environment for graduate studies. Senior faculty are consistently approachable and encouraging and, in line with the broader Norwegian ethos, you will be treated as an equal from the outset.

The cohort intake is also relatively small compared to many other universities. I believe that this helps to foster a strong sense of camaraderie among candidates. Rather than whittling out potential stragglers, the goal is to be highly selective upfront and then to help see everyone through to the finish line. 

The level of compensation is exceedingly generous compared to most graduate programmes around the world. A PhD stipend at NHH affords you the chance to live in comfort, travel and even save money... All whilst working towards your doctorate. Graduate school is challenging enough without having to worry about student debt or making due on a meager teaching assistantship. Few countries and PhD programmes (if any) manage to erase the opportunity costs of graduate study as completely as do Norway and NHH.

Among the numerous other benefits that I enjoyed during my time at NHH (invaluable support from my supervisor, access to uniquely detailed Norwegian data, etc.), I would lastly highlight the school's progressive exchange policy. Candidates are actively encouraged to attend international conferences and spend time abroad. I was able to meet and collaborate with top researchers in my field in their own backyard. These activities not only helped to expand my personal network, but directly contributed to my current employment.

Gran McDemott

Nationality: South African

Defense date: 21 December 2015

Field: Economics; Environmental and natural resource economics

Current position: Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Oregon

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