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Entrepreneurship is personal. Learn from people who took the leap!

Global Business Venturing focuses on inspiring and enabling students to become successful global entrepreneurs by developing entrepreneurial capabilities, business skills and network for international expansion.

Key to the course is understanding what makes a business idea or innovation attractive for investors and customers.

NHH, Gelato, EQT and Northzone bring guest speakers of a variety of backgrounds and with deep industry experience to NHH. They will share their own entrepreneurial stories and highlight the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship.

The guest participate under three main headings:

About the programme

ECTS Credits
MSc in Economics and Business Administration


An introduction to the course and to the central entrepreneurial process of establishing a viable new business venture. We will also discuss how new business opportunities are defined and identified. By the end of this module, you should have selected your venture project and formed a venture team.

  • 22 August: Helge Thorbjørnsen

    22 August: Helge Thorbjørnsen

    Professor at NHH and Entrepreneur. Co-Founder of Sixty.

    Lecture: Introduction

  • 29 August: Märtha Rehnberg

    29 August: Märtha Rehnberg

    Partner Dare Disrupt. Advocate for technological intuition in Artificial Intelligence and for environmental preservation in Digital Production. Expert in 3D printing.

    Lecture: Exponential technology and Disruption

  • 5 September: Sara Öhrvall

    5 September: Sara Öhrvall

    Co-founder and partner of Mindmill Network. Board Director of Investor AB, SEB, and Vinnova. Previously leader of the global R&D unit at Bonnier.

    Lecture: Technology and Change Making: Entrepreneurship Shaping our Future


Transforming an idea or vision into an organizational entity that creates economic value. What specific market segments should you focus on? What role does planning play when you're still finding your way? How do you secure financing? How important is originality? How do you carve out a market niche? How should you deal with competitors and how should you work with partners who might provide resources and legitimacy? We introduce students to a range of frameworks useful when identifying and selecting the elements necessary for building a business. Case studies will drive discussions, allowing students to explore the application of academic and analytical thinking in real situations.

  • 12 September: Henrik Müller-Hansen

    12 September: Henrik Müller-Hansen

    Founder and CEO of Gelato. Became CEO at Tele2 at age 30, and left the telecom business four year later to found Gelato, connecting printers from all over the world into one global print cloud

    Lecture: From an Idea to a Global company

  • 19 September: David Bizer

    19 September: David Bizer

    Founder of Talent Fountain. Hired over 5000 individuals for Netscape, Google, Apple and Facebook.

    Lecture: How to hire and build a team that delivers products and services that change industries?

  • 26 September: Tellef Thorleifsson

    26 September: Tellef Thorleifsson

    Co-founder of Northzone, a leading European venture firm with EUR 1 billion under management. Has been an active owner in more than 120 companies.  

    Lecture: How to pitch for venture capital?

  • 3 October: Enrique Perez-Hernandez

    3 October: Enrique Perez-Hernandez

    Head of Technology Banking at Morgan Stanley. Works with founders and tech companies across the world.

    Lecture: The transition from a tech start-up to a public company


New ventures often fail because their founders are unable to overcome the many challenges of managing a new venture. To address this theme, we will use cases to explore key entrepreneurial challenges, including managing stakeholders, funding your company, growing the venture beyond the early sales, building the organization, and dealing with the change that success brings.