Courses in energy, natural resources and the environment minor

To take Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment as a minor, you need 22.5 ECTS from the profile’s portfolio of courses.

International degree students may combine three elective courses (22.5 ECTS) from the list into a minor concentration. International students are, however, not required to have a minor.

Note that the minor cannot include courses with course code from own major (this applies for all students starting their programme in autumn 2017 or later).

ENE - Minor in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment


Code Name Stp Semester
ENE420 ENE420Decision Modelling in Business (utgått - erstattet av BUS461) 7.5 Autumn
ENE421 ENE421The Energy, Resource and Environmental Industrial Sector 7.5 Autumn
ENE422 ENE422Financial Aspects of Energy and Commodity Markets (expired) 7.5 Spring
ENE423 ENE423Environmental Economics: from the Normative Foundation for Protection and Sustainability to the Role of the Firm 7.5 Autumn
ENE424 ENE424Electricity Markets - Efficiency and Sustainability 7.5 Autumn
ENE425 ENE425Alternative Energy Sources in Physical Environmental and Economical Perspectives 7.5 Spring
ENE464 ENE464Seminar: Topics in international environmental cooperation 2.5 Autumn
ENE465 ENE465Seminar-The Economics of Deforestation 2.5 Autumn
ENE426 ENE426Economics of Climate Change 7.5 Spring
ENE427 ENE427Land Use and Natural Resources 7.5 Spring
ENE431 ENE431Shipping and Offshore Markets 7.5 Autumn
ECO401 ECO401Optimization and Microeconomic Theory 7.5 Autumn
ECN402 ECN402Econometric Techniques 7.5 Autumn Spring
ECO402 ECO402Econometric Techniques 7.5 Autumn
FIE439 FIE439Empirical Analyses of Financial and Commodity Markets 7.5 Autumn
FIE445 FIE445Project Finance 7.5 Autumn
ECO403 ECO403Time Series Analysis and Prediction 7.5 Autumn Spring
ENE428 ENE428Empirical Analysis of Energy Markets 7.5 Autumn
ENE429 ENE429Topics in Applied Management of the Environment and Natural Resources 7.5 Spring
ENE430 ENE430Commodity Trading and Transport 7.5 Spring
ENE432 ENE432Measuring Sustainability in Accounting and Finance 7.5 Autumn
MBM427 MBM427Business-to-business Marketing and Management 7.5 Spring
ECN420 ECN420Petroleum Economics 7.5 Autumn
ECO439 ECO439Resource Economics 7.5 Spring
STR404 STR404Strategic Analysis 7.5 Autumn
ETI450 ETI450Corporate Social Responsibility 7.5 Spring
ENE451 ENE451Seminar: Risk Management and Safety (expired) 2.5 Autumn
ENE452 ENE452Seminar: Global Aspects of Climate Change and Ethical Challenges 2.5 Autumn
ENE454 ENE454Seminar: Communicating in the Energy Sector: Intercultural Interaction 2.5 Autumn Spring
ENE456 ENE456Seminar: Environmental Responsibility: The Role of NGOs and Large Corporations 2.5 Spring
ENE458 ENE458Seminar: The Economics and Politics of Global Agriculture and Trade (expired) 2.5 Autumn
ENE459 ENE459Seminar: Energy Challenges and Energy Production in the 21st Century 2.5 Spring
ENE462 ENE462Seminar: ENE value chains - learning by serious games (expired) 2.5 Spring
ENE463 ENE463Seminar: Petroleum Management in Newfoundland and Norway 2.5 Spring
ENE461 ENE461Seminar: Optimization Models for Exploitation of Petroleum Fields 2.5 Autumn Spring