Became Partner at age 29

Photo: Paul Bernhard
Photo: Paul Bernhard

30 January 2017 21:22

(updated: 31 January 2017 14:09)

Became Partner at age 29

Saliba Andreas Korkunc became a Partner at the communication agency NOR PR, after only one year working at the firm. Here are his top career advice.

– If it had not been for NHH and NHHS, I could never have the career that I have today, says former NHH student, Saliba Andreas Korkunc.

Since he was elected President of the Student Council in Middle School, Korkunc has enjoyed taking on responsibility. As a student at NHH, the 29-year-old had several key leadership positions, including being Head of the Student Union. Korkunc has also been 1st Deputy at the Norwegian Young Conservatives in Hordaland.

– At NHH I really got the chance to challenge my leadership skills. I loved my time there, because I could combine the theory I learned at school with work in NHHS. The leadership experience I got, and the friendships I made, have been invaluable to me personally and to my career.

– You must not be fooled by the word ”economics” in the name of the school. Several alumnis have gone on to become writers, politicians or editors. NHH offers a versatile education that provides many career options after graduating. That is why I chose to study at NHH.

Saliba Andreas Korkunc

Partner at age 29

While completing his Masters of Science in Economics and Business Administration, specialising in Strategy and Management during autumn of 2012, Korkunc got positioned as a political advisor for the Health Commissioner in Bergen. In 2015 he was elected Chief of Staff and political advisor for the City Chief Commissioner in Bergen.

Today Korkunc is a partner in NOR PR, a position he got at age 29, after working as a communication advisor in the company for only one year. Korkunc believes a combination of hard work, good friends from college, and a sought-after expertise in economics and politics, are the reasons to his success.

– I never thought I would become a partner before turning 30. I have worked a lot, given up free evenings and weekends, but I have always had fun. Sometimes life takes positive turns, and I feel very blessed.

Asked whether he has taken strategic decisions to reach the top, the 29-year-old has one clear answer: No.

– If you are doing something only to improve your resume, you will end up making mistakes, and after a while people will see through you.

– Every day is different

As a Communication Advisor and Partner at NOR PR, Korkunc is responsible for the company´s office in Oslo. He describes his workdays as hectic and varied.

– Every day is different in the communication industry. During a day at work, I can do everything from writing press releases to dealing with a media crisis for a customer. I prepare and conduct media training courses, produce communication strategies, and work on finding new costumers.

– What qualities do you believe are important to have working in the communication industry?

– I work in an exciting, yet challenging industry. Being a communication advisor is not for everyone – one should enjoy writing, be socially engaged, fearless and want to make a personal effort.

Korkunc believes his education from NHH has played an important role in his career. He says the school is suitable for those interested in finance as well as for those who want a career in politics, media or in the communication industry.

Career advice

The ambitious 29-year-old has the following advice for students who are eager to become a leader one day:

Get involved at a young age: – It is important to broaden the horizon, take responsibility and initiative. You do not need to take on heavy leadership positions in the student union, volunteering for the Red Cross can be just as useful and rewarding.

Find a mentor: – There is an incredible amount of knowledge among colleagues and fellow students. Be curious, listen to others and do not think that you are the best at everything. You will be surprised by what you can learn.

Go your own ways: – Don´t do anything just because "everyone else" is doing it. Do the things you have a passion for.

Use your network: – The friends you get during school may be the ones who hire you for a job in the future. I have got several jobs through my network from NHH.

Balance school and leisure: – A solid education will give you the ability to learn, and tools to do a good job. Yet it is important to have free time too – focusing only on school is not good.

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