If you want to visit The Choice Lab please contact Janina Fetzer.


Andreas Masvie

Andreas Masvie

Andreas Masvie, Laidlaw scholar of philosophy and theology at the University of Oxford, is visiting FAIR-The Choice Lab this Autumn, from 21 August to 29 September. His main research areas are ethics, political philosophy, and anthropological philosophy. During his stay at FAIR-The Choice Lab he will be focusing on understanding human flourishing in terms of gift-giving mechanics.

Mira Fischer

Mira Fischer

From 15 March until 12 April, Mira Fischer, PhD student at University of Cologne is visiting The Choice Lab. Fischer's research interests are in education and ethics, with a special focus on the role of beliefs in decision making. During her stay at The Choice Lab she will be focusing on designing a field experiment at a large employer targeted at raising pro-social behavior and patience of employees.

Fischer will give a presentation at The Choice Lab on March 30.

Tom Grimstvedt Meling

Tom Grimstvedt Meling

From 20 February until 30 April, Tom Grimstvedt Meling, PhD student at University of Bergen, Department of Economics, is visiting The Choice Lab. Meling’s research interests are in the intersection between finance, mechanism design, and labor economics. During his stay Meling will be working on his job market paper on optimal transparency in stock exchanges.

Benedetta Lerva

Benedetta Lerva

From 15 February until 3 March, Benedetta Lerva, PhD student at the Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University, is visiting The Choice Lab. Her main research areas are Development economics, Agriculture and Education, with a special focus on East Africa. During her stay at The Choice Lab she will be focusing on designing a lab-in-the-field experiment on power dynamics within traditional households.

Lerva will give a The Choice Lab seminar on 2 March.


Jonas Tungodden

Jonas Tungodden

Jonas is a PhD student at University of California, Berkeley and visits CELE and The Choice Lab for the Fall semester 2016 and Spring semester 2017. Tungodden’s research interests are in the intersection of behavioral, labor and development economics. During his stay he will be working on a project on Norwegian secondary school students and parents, matching experimental and administrative data.

Tungodden will give a joint CELE / The Choice Lab extended lunch seminar on 24 November.

Václav Korbel

Václav is a PhD student at Charles University in Praque. He visited The Choice Lab from May 2-June 30, 2016. During his stay, he worked on his projects “Are problematic children really that bad?” and “Modern teaching practices and their impact on motivation”.


Ruben Habex

Ruben is a former philosophy student who is now studying psychology at the university of Leuven in Belgium (KULeuven). He visited The Choice Lab from September 2015 to April 2016.


Lea Cassar

Lea is an Assistant Professor of Behavioral Managerial Economics, University of Cologne. She visited The Choice Lab from October 20-22, 2015


YiLong Xu

YiLong is a PhD student under the supervision of Charles Noussair at Tilburg University. He is working on experimental and neuroeconomics​, and visited The Choice Lab from September 28-30, 2015.

Tim Höger

Tim is a second-year master student of the Neuroeconomics Research Master Program at Maastricht University. He visited The Choice Lab from January to July 2015.

Jonas Tungodden

Jonas is a second year graduate student in economics at UC Berkeley. He is interested in development and behavioral economics and visited The Choice Lab from January 5-16 and June 9-22, 2015.

Gary Charness

From June 8-10 2015, Gary Charness visited The Choice Lab and the Department of Economics, NHH. Charness is a Professor in experimental and behavioral economics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The purpose of his visit was to discuss and initiate research collaborations with researchers from The Choice Lab.


Ismael Rodriguez-Lara

Ismael is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, Middlesex University. He is visiting the Department in the period from 6 May to 6 June, 2015.

Maria Naranjo

Maria is a Naranjo is a PhD student of the Development Economics Group, Wageningen University, and a Research Fellow/Deputy Director at EfD Center for Central America at CATIE. She is visiting The Choice Lab on May 28-29, 2015.


Mandeep Grewal and Marielle Hvide

Mandeep holds a master in finance and Marielle in economics, both obtained from NHH. They stayed at The Choice Lab from January to March 2015 and worked on an article with Ingvild Almås and Serhat Ugurlu. The article was based on their master thesis on the Chinese renminbi misalignment.



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