Tungodden presents at DIGSSCORE

7 February 2017 17:07

(updated: 7 February 2017 17:16)

Tungodden presents at DIGSSCORE

On the 7th February, Bertil Tungodden presented at the “Tuesday seminar” series at DIGSSCORE. Tungodden presented the paper “The boys crisis: Do we consider it more acceptable when males fall behind than when females do?”.

The paper is joint work with The Choice Lab researcher Alexander W. Cappelen and PhD student Ranveig Falch.

DIGSSCORE - Digital Social Science Core Facility provides infrastructure for advanced social science data collection and multi-disciplinary research at the University of Bergen. DIGSSCORE extends The Norwegian Citizen Panel, which was established at the University of Bergen in 2012, and integrates it with The Citizen Lab. The facility takes advantage of changes in technology and research methodology and brings computer laboratory research and survey studies ever closer together. This environment is designed to maximize opportunities for scientific innovation and collaboration in the social sciences and multidisciplinary research. The Choice Lab is collaborating with DIGSSCORE, and The Choice Lab researcher Erik Ø. Sørensen is member of the scientific committee for the facility.


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