Bjorvatn presented in Sweden and the Netherlands

12 May 2017 09:24

Bjorvatn presented in Sweden and the Netherlands

The last two weeks, The Choice Lab Researcher Kjetil Bjorvatn has presented a project evaluating the impact of a savings group program targeting disabled in Uganda, in both Örebro, Sweden and Wageningen, the Netherlands.

On 4 May, Bjorvatn presented at the fourth annual ASWEDE conference at Örebro University School of Business, Sweden. His presentation was entitled “Empowering the disabled through savings groups: Experimental evidence from Uganda”. ASWEDE, short for Association of Swedish Development Economists, promotes scientific research in development economics through workshops and conferences, and supports cooperation between development economists active in Sweden.

Conference program

Bjorvatn also presented the project, which is joint with The Choice Lab Researcher Bertil Tungodden, at the Development Economics workshop at Wageningen University, the Netherlands, this week.

We evaluate a village savings- and loans program aimed at empowering people with disabilities in rural Uganda. Two and a half years into the program, we find that it has had a strong, positive impact on the lives of the participants. Savings have gone up, income growth is stronger, the participants eat more and better, have bought more new clothes, and they are happier. The program has led to a stronger locus of control, but we find no effect on other dimensions of business mindset, such as willingness to compete or take risk. We also do not find any evidence of the program affecting attitudes to disability or gender in the local community.

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