Kick-off for Spring School 2017, San Diego

6 March 2017 18:14

(updated: 6 March 2017 18:22)

Kick-off for Spring School 2017, San Diego

The Choice Lab and Rady School of Management at UC San Diego are jointly organising the Spring School in Behavioral Economics, a workshop for international PhD –students in San Diego.

On March 6, Alex Imas, Carnegie Mellon University, kicked off Spring School with his presentation “Dynamic Decision making”. The workshop has attracted great interest among the over 60 participants with more than 40 international PhD students.

During the next days, 22 established researchers in the field present their on-going work covering research in experimental and behavioural economics, including The Choice Lab researchers Alexander W. Cappelen and Bertil Tungodden. Cappelen will give a presentation entitled: “Experimental studies on fair inequality”. Tungodden will present the paper “The boy crisis: Experimental evidence on the acceptance of males falling behind.” which is joint work with The Choice Lab researcher Alexander W. Cappelen and PhD student Ranveig Falch.


Spring School Homepage

You can find pictures from the event (updated every day throughout the workshop) on Facebook.