The Choice Lab seminar with Louis Putterman

6 June 2017 18:48

The Choice Lab seminar with Louis Putterman

We would like to invite you to a seminar with Louis Putterman, Professor of Economics, Brown University on 8 June. Putterman will give a presentation titled "Civic Engagement as a Second-Order Public Good: An Experiment".

Louis Putterman
Louis Putterman

Date: Thursday, 08. June
Time: 12:15-13.15
Location: E209/E210, Department of Economics, NHH

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Putterman's info page at Brown University

The paper presented is written by Louis Putterman, Kenju Kamei (Durham University), and Jean-Robert Tyran (University of Vienna).


Effective states solve the problem of financing provision of public goods by mandating contributions in the form of taxes and imposing penalties for non-compliance. However, a state that is answerable to its citizens is itself a public good requiring voluntary collective action—for example, information-seeking and voting—for its own provision. We study the voluntary cooperative underpinnings of the formal sanction imposing state in a new laboratory experiment.

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