The Choice Lab co-organizes NORFACE workshop in Oslo

19 June 2017 17:13

The Choice Lab co-organizes NORFACE workshop in Oslo

On June 19-20 The Choice Lab and ESOP are organizing a joint workshop on the topic "Inequality and Welfare States".

The workshop is part of the NORFACE funded project “Globalization, Welfare States & Inequalities (WSF)” which contains several sub-projects such as GIWeS and FPRWS. Find more information about the sub-projects below.


The workshop consists of an opening panel comprising overviews of WSF projects, which will be followed by paper sessions. Several The Choice Lab researchers are taking part in the workshop which takes place at the University of Oslo. 

Key topics

• implications of behavioral economics for the economics of welfare

• fiscal compliance and personal responsibility

• globalization, work and welfare

• natural and lab experiments

• behavior, institutions and inequalities

FPRWS research project

The research project “Fairness, personal responsibility and the welfare state” studies how fairness considerations, in particular with respect to personal responsibility, affect the support and effectiveness of welfare policies. The project is headed by Alexander Cappelen.

GIWeS research project

"Globalization, Institutions, and the Welfare State" is a comparative study about the effects of globalisation on the European economies and their welfare states in Austria, Germany, Norway, and the UK. The Project is coordinated by Kalle Moene, and the cooperation partners are ESOP, the Frisch Centre, the University College of London and the University of Linz.