Haaland presents in Oxford

6 June 2017 18:38

(updated: 6 June 2017 18:43)

Haaland presents in Oxford

On 5 June, The Choice Lab PhD student Ingar Haaland presented the paper "Learning from the Mariels: Are Immigrants Really Taking Our Jobs?" at Oxford University, UK

The presentation is part of the “Postdoctoral & DPhil Research Workshop” series at Oxford University.

Event page at Oxford

We provide causal evidence on how people's beliefs about the labor market effects of immigration affect their attitudes toward immigration. In the study, we elicit people's beliefs about how the Mariel boatlift---which caused a large influx of low-skilled Cuban immigrants to Miami, Florida---affected local labor market outcomes. Then, drawing on the results from Card (1990), half of the subjects receive information about the actual labor market consequences of the Mariel boatlift. Subsequently, we measure the subjects' support for immigration with self-reported and behavioral measures. We also conduct an obfuscated follow-up to get treatment effect estimates not plagued by experimenter demand.

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