Haaland presents in San Diego

30 August 2017 10:30

Haaland presents in San Diego

On 29 August, FAIR-The Choice Lab PhD student Ingar Haaland presented the paper "Labor Market Concerns and Support for Immigration" at Rady School of Management, UC San Diego.

The presentation was held as one of the research seminars at Rady School of Management, in the field of Econ/Strategy.

Read the full paper, jointly written with Christopher Roth (University of Oxford), or find the abstract below.

Full paper

In a pre-registered experiment on a large, representative sample of the US population, we investigate the causal relationship between labor market concerns and support for immigration. After measuring our respondents' beliefs about the labor market impacts of immigration, respondents in the treatment group receive information about research showing no adverse labor market impacts of immigration. The treatment provides an exogenous shift in beliefs that leads to higher support for immigration as measured by self-reported attitudes and signatures of real online petitions. Moreover, we employ an obfuscated follow-up survey to show that the treatment effects persist in a setting where differential experimenter demand effects between the treatment and control group are of no concern. The results demonstrate that labor market concerns are an important causal determinant of people's attitudes towards immigration that affects political behavior.

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