For students

For students

Each semester The Choice Lab offers several courses for students on different levels.

We supervise Master and PhD students interested in writing their thesis in the field of behavioural and experimental economics. For our experiments we also regularly seek new research assistants.

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Research assistants

Research Assistants at work
  • Courses at NHH

  • Master thesis

    Master thesis

    If you are interested in writing your master thesis at The Choice Lab, please have a look at the research areas of The Choice Lab’s Professors and Assistant professors. Please send an e-mail to the person you would like as a supervisor. It should include your name, your CV and a short note on why you would like to write your master thesis on this subject.


    Current Master students at The Choice Lab 

    Former Master theses supervised by The Choice Lab

  • Prospective PhD students

    Prospective PhD students

    The Choice Lab regularly supervises PhD research scholars who pursue their degree in the field of behavioral and experimental economics. PhD research scholars who choose to focus on this area will become part of the The Choice Lab and have close interaction with the other researchers of the group and the faculty at the department of economics. This interaction is encouraged through research collaboration, a wide variety of seminars and workshops as well as social gatherings in which the research scholars are fully involved.

    The PhD programme at NHH is a fully funded programme for three (or four) years during which scholars combine their studies and research with 25% work as a teaching and/or research assistant.

    more about the NHH's PhD programme.

    We also organize workshops and courses in behavioral and experimental economics especially targeted at PhD students. 

    The Choice Lab Activities for PhD students

    We also host visits for PhD-students wanting to work with The Choice Lab.


  • Research Assistants

    Research Assistants

    The Choice Lab regularly seeks research assistants that can help carry out experiments. The work gives insight and experience in how to conduct experiments, and suits thorough students with attention to detail, organisational skills and the ability to handle challenging situations.

    Please send your details to Janina Fetzer if you are interested. The application should include your name, current educational position, any relevant experience and a short note on why you would like to become a research assistant for The Choice Lab.

    Next date for admission: 15. January 2017

    Current research assistants

  • Visiting The Choice Lab

    Visiting The Choice Lab

    Research stay for PhD-students


    Candidates must be enrolled PhD-students in the field of behavioral and/or experimental/development economics.

    What can we offer:
    • Taking part in The Choice Lab activities.
    • Work desk
    • Opportunity to present own work
    • Interact closely with The Choice Lab researchers. 
    • Assigned to a The Choice Lab researcher who will be your host

    from 2 weeks up to 2 semesters

    Application deadline: 


    Please send your application to


    Visit opportunities FOR Bachelor and Master STUDENTS


    The candidate

    • must be enrolled in undergraduate (Bachelor's) degree or, preferably, a graduate (Master's) degree and has completed at least two years of full-time studies towards completion of his/her undergraduate degree.
    • has an excellent academic performance and can demonstrate it by recent university or other academic institution records.
    • is proficient in English.

    Behavioral and/or experimental/development economics should be the major field of study

    What can we offer:

    Experience related to

    • research administration
    • designing and implementing of research projects

    Visiting students will be assigned to a PhD-student or Assistant professor at The Choice Lab who they will be supporting in his/her ongoing research.


    1-3 month

    Application deadline: 

    15. August for spring semester 

    15. April for fall semester

    Please send your application to

  • Experiments


    The Choice Lab regularly invites people to participate in economic experiments that study individual choices in economic situations. The experiments require no prior knowledge and all information collected during an experiment will be anonymous.

    The data collected from our participants are of great value to our research, and we are most grateful to everyone who accepts our invitation to join an experiment. Unfortunately, in order to obtain as representative a sample as possible, there is no place to sign up for upcoming experiments without an invitation.