For students

For students

  • Master Thesis

    Master Thesis

    The S T O P group supervises master theses for students interested in our research areas. See examples of such theses here.

    As a general rule we try to link master theses closely to ongoing or upcoming research projects. This is when we feel we can offer the most to the students we supervise, and this is also what maximizes the likelihood that a thesis will be of useful beyond ensuring that the candidate gets his or her degree.

    Sometimes we will have both research questions and data for students to use. Sometimes we will only have a research question and no data, but suggestions for which data students might collect. However, we do not think we have a monopoly on good questions.

    Therefore, we are also open to students that bring in their own research questions and ideas, as long as these are within our research agenda. In such situations, it is in our experience beneficial that the ideas are allowed to evolve through a round or two discussion of what is interesting to both parties, and what is doable in a master thesis. 

    To write a master thesis with S T O P, see the research interests of the S T O P faculty. Decide who you think would be the most appropriate supervisor (don’t worry too much if you miss, if so, we’ll redirect you).  Send her or him an e-mail explaining what your interests are, which courses you have taken, whether you want to join an existing research project, or if you want to start a discussion about an idea of your own.

  • Previous Master Theses

  • Prospective PhD's

    Prospective PhD's

    We supervise PhDs within the research agenda of S T O P. To learn more about what it means to pursue a PhD at NHH, see this link, , and to read the story of a former S T O P PhD, see this link

    For further questions about a PhD within the S T O P-group, please contact one of the core faculty directly.