For students

For students

Do you want to be a part of an ongoing research project at NHH? We are looking for master students who are interested in being a part of and contributing to our research project. You may write in English or Norwegian.

Master's thesis

Topics for sPRING 2019:



Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Average grade B.
  • Preference for students within the Strategy and Management (STR), International Business (INB) profiles, and Business Analysis and Performance Management (BUS).
  • Excellent communication skills. Students are expected to present their results to the research group.


  • Thesis advisor from the research project.
  • NOK 10.000 per thesis for travelling and other expenses.


  • Please fill out the online application form to apply to the program, where you include grade transcripts and a brief application letter (max 1 page) with information about your background, motivation to study the topic(s) of interest, preliminary research questions, and date for thesis submission.
  • Deadline for submission of application: 15 October / 15 March


  • GPA of B or higher
  • Students who major in Business Analysis and Performance Management (BUS), Strategic Management (STR) and International Business (INB) are prioritized.
  • Good communication skills. You are expected to present your results for the research group.


  • Thesis advisor from the research project
  • Each master thesis will get a compensation of 10.000 NOK which can be used to cover costs related to writhing the thesis, e.g. travel expenses and other related expenses.


  • Please submit your transcript of records, what courses you are enrolled in this semester and 2 pages where you describe how you want to conduct your research. The application can be written in Norwegian or English. Submit the application to our PhD research scholar Dan-Richard Knudsen: