New Research Program: Cross-Border Value Creation (CiBiViCi)

18 August 2016 09:29

New Research Program: Cross-Border Value Creation (CiBiViCi)

In the last thirty years, Norwegian industry have changed from almost being solely industrially based in Norway to being engaged in business operations all around the world. This challenges their integrative capabilities and with that, the ability to create value.

As the FOCUS program is coming to an end, new and interesting research programs has sprung out. Cross-Border Value Creation (CiBiViCi), a research program started in 2015, is one of them. The group will explore two of FOCUS subareas: Internationalization and Integration and Developing Change Capacity.

"When a company that is highly effective within its home market internationalizes and becomes a multinational enterprise (MNE), it has to confront a set of distinctive distance challenges, geographical, institutional, cultural and political. In addition it challenges the companies integrative capabilities", says Per Heum, senior researcher at SNF – Institute for Applied Research at SNF, and the leader of the research program.

CiBiViCi will address and explore these capability challenges. The program will be running to 2019.

Capability challenges

Becoming a MNE challenges three types of capabilities:

  • The ability to create appropriate structural and organizational psychological linkages across business units.
  • The capability to integrate knowledge across operations in order to maximize synergies.
  • The capability to integrate talent allocation across the MNE.

Additional to this, information technology and the Internet have triggered an increased trend towards the internationalizing of value chains. This also necessitates the development of boundary spanning capabilities, which enhance cooperative behaviors with external partners. CiBiViCi will address these capability challenges.

In addition to this, the research group will aim to survey Norwegian firms in order to analyze
the main drivers of internationalization.

The need for research-based knowledge

Deloitte AS, DNB, Laerdal Medical and Telenor have agreed to engage in CiBiViCi. They all have a common interest in illuminating issues related to how the business functions and activities can be coordinated across countries as this is crucial for developing competitive advantages.

Laerdal and Telenor are multinational enterprises headquartered in Norway with extensive operations in units that are located in several countries, of which they control through ownership.

Deloitte is a national knowledge organization in a global network of national professional organizations without ownership relations. Norway’s largest financial services group, DNB, has established permanent business units around the world.

The research group´s mail goal it to create research-based knowledge about the capability and internationalization issues mentioned above.

Norwegian name: “Grenseoverskridende verdiskapning”

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